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Glaucoma Management | Glaucoma Surgery in Pune

Glaucoma Management | Glaucoma Surgery in Pune

Glaucoma Management

We take care of the eyes in modern and technological way

Glaucoma Management | Glaucoma Surgery in Pune

Glaucoma management is very important in order to control and avoid irreversible loss of vision. Most glaucoma management treatments focus on lowering or controlling glaucoma effects. These treatments also include controlling intraocular pressure, which can damage the optic nerve that transfers visual information to the brain. Prakash Netralay offers effective glaucoma management in Pune. We have the team of eye specialists, doctors and eye surgeons and advanced technology to provide the proper glaucoma management treatment in Pune. We have a special eye check-up equipment to check the back of the eyes and provide accurate results. Based on the glaucoma condition and person’s health history our doctors and eye experts advise and perform proper treatment for glaucoma management in Pune like glaucoma eye drops, pills, and traditional and laser glaucoma surgery.

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